How to Use


With Accessories, the WellBeam Patch can be completely mobile (Battery powered), in the car (Car adaptor), at home or in the office (mains power), strapped to any part of the body (hook & loop straps), or braced in a long arm holder to covert into a lamp. 

The Standard WellBeam Kit is all that is required, however the accessory range provides more versatility to the product.

If hygiene is of concern when using the WellBeam Patch on animals then humans, place the device inside a sterile disposal clear plastic bag to use. The same applies to open wounds, although the Holder / lamp conversion also alleviates any cleaning issue.

The WellBeam Patch is a little softer and more flexible than a thong (footwear). 

bendy-patch-small.jpg       dscn3700.jpg

Use under clothing. Rest against. Strap to any body part. Convert to a lamp using a holder.

To use:

  • Place the Patch directly against bare clean skin.

A treatment takes 20 - 25 minutes, generally with nothing felt while conducting the treatment. The device will get warm if smothered with no air flow, however with air flow, the device will stay cool.

  • The quantity of treatments varies greatly, dependant on the person, the severity of the problem, and condition. Some conditions respond after just one treatment, while most require several treatments performed over days to a week or more.ebay-how-to-use.jpg

The Custom Controller is sold as an accessory to the Patch range. It has been designed to embrace Nogier frequencies,  scientifically tested pulse rates. In addition to having timers to auto-turn off the Patch, in-case of dozing off. Mode A, C and E are contained within the Custom Controller, in addition to 50Hz for those who wish to see a pulsing light.

Timers: 20minutes, 25 minutes and 40 minutes.