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WellBeam Patch:   Thick rubber pad (floppier than a thong), made to be placed directly against the body, under clothing, or rested against, to treat any body part.   21cm Long x 12cm Wide x 1.5cm Thick

Which light spectrum?        

NEAR-INFRARED LIGHT (Pain Relief):     Near-Infrared (850nm) light relieves pain, while supporting the healing of worn and injured joints, tendons, ligaments and muscle. Nerve pain, back pain, and join pain. Near- Invisible light

RED LIGHT Skin care (Beauty device):    Red Light Therapy (660nm) can be used to improve the visible signs of aging. Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin firmness and skin tone. Encourage healing of open wounds, skin infections, surface burns, muscle fatigue and bruising.  Visible light

BLUE LIGHT  Skin care (Clear Skin Beauty device):   Blue Light Therapy (470nm) assists mood (fatigue) and skin health. Blue Light has been found to assist with the healing of many skin conditions, in addition to the way we feel.   Visible light

The WellBeam Patch comes with a mains power supply and standard pulsing controller.   WellBeam Patch Accessories are available to add versatility and functionality. 

We also stock …. WellBeam LED 7 Colour mask:  the mask contains 7 different colours and beauty benefits, in addition to a micro-current facial treatment feature.

Upon order,  Red Light Therapy Beds are available providing full body treatments. 

FREE SHIPPING if order exceeds $220 and is within Australia (excludes Light Therapy Bed) ……    The WellBeam Patch LED device is manufactured on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. 

  • Swap the AC Adaptor with the 9volt battery clip and become completely mobile. (uses a 9volt smoke alarm battery) 
Cheaper batteries last approx. 4 hours, while the highest quality battery lasts up to 9 hours. Rechargeable batteries can also be an option.

    Battery Clip

    9 volt Battery Clip Become completely mobile by simply swapping the AC adaptor with a 9 volt battery attached to this light weight battery clip. Wear under clothing, in the car, or while in the office. Uses a 9volt smoke alarm battery. (3 - 9 hours of...

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