Red Combination KIT (660nm Red & 850nm Near-Infared)

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for Skin & Pain combined ….. Ideal for the treatment of a variety of health issues. 

If muscle tension, skin conditions or worn joints cause you pain, the Red Combination Patch will provide relief.

Combining two red light spectrums will provide therapeutic benefits to the majority of conditions absorbed into two depths within the body.

Having all 45 diodes performing one treatment is more concentrated than combining light spectrums 

18 bright red LEDs to treat skin conditions, plus 27 invisible Near-Infrared LEDs to relief pain and assist healing.

each Patch contains a total of 45 LEDs.

·        Rubber Patch with 27 x 850nm Near-Infrared and 18 x 660nm Red LEDs

·         Custom LED Controller (3 Nogier frequencies, 3 timers)

·         9 volt AC Adaptor for connection to mains power

·         Instructions

·         Packaged in a drawstring carry bag



Patch Specifications:

·           Patch Dimensions:  21cm long x 1.5cm thick x 12cm wide + cords

·           Power: Aus/NZ 9volt AC Adaptor. 

·           Treatment: 140cm2 treatment area

·           Approx. energy measurement per minute: up to 3.4 Joules per cm2, 238 Joules per Patch

·           High Intensity:  57 milliwatts per cm2 @ 9 volt .....

             (12 volts can be used, however the device warms considerably quicker without abundan