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Ideal for the treatment of a large variety of issues, without the investment of buying 3 separate Patches.
Although not as concentrated as having individual Patches, the Triple Combination Patch offers the ability to treat virtually any condition without the investment of purchasing multiple devices. As the diodes used are extremely bright, 15  diodes of each colour will provide concentrated energy, in addition to destroying any bacterial, viral or fungal infections present.
If the condition is severe we do recommend buying the individual Patches, allowing all 45 diodes to perform the one treatment, producing faster results, in fewer treatments.  

·        Rubber Patch with 15 x 850nm Near-Infrared, plus 15 x 660nm Red, and 15 x 470nm Blue LEDs

·         Custom LED Controller (3 Nogier frequencies, 3 timers)

·         9 volt AC Adaptor for connection to mains power

·         Instructions

·         Packaged in a drawstring carry bag



Patch Specifications:

·           Patch Dimensions:  21cm long x 1.5cm thick x 12cm wide + cords

·           Power: Aus/NZ 9volt AC Adaptor. 

·           Treatment: 140cm2 treatment area

·           Approx. energy measurement per minute: up to 3.4 Joules per cm2, 238 Joules per Patch

·           High Intensity:  57 milliwatts per cm2 @ 9 volt .....

            (12 volts can be used, however the device warms considerably quicker without abundant air flow)

12 month warranty