Life changing light

Posted by Narelle Lockett on 10th Aug 2016

Life changing light

Imagine my distress when I was no longer able to lift my twin babies (7 months old) out of their cots, due to back pain and nerve damage. I was a single mum, struggling to physically care for my very young children, with no solution in sight. 

The twin pregnancy at 40 was too much for my curved spine (Scoliosis) to cope with.

Then life changed. I was handed a home-made LED device, being told 'it can't hurt you, it is light'. So with nothing to loose I gave it a try. As I'd lost movement in my left arm, with numbness in my hand, I placed the strange device into the palm of my hand and sat for 10 minutes. Feeling returned to my hand. I then placed the device on my neck, presuming that pinched nerves in the 40 degree spinal bend was the root of the problem. Full strength to my arm returned, all pain gone, and the problem has never returned.

Now I was on a mission... Many years of study followed, and the creation of the WellBeam Patch range. 

I am not alone when it comes to living with pain. We shouldn't have to do it, and with this safe, highly effective technology, many others will be able to avoid debilitating pain, as I have.

The WellBeam Patch range is designed to be the most practical device on the market.