Pain Therapy KIT (850nm Near-Infrared) with Accessories

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WellBeam Patch Pain Therapy device is

Now BLACK all NIR stock is Black rubber.


WellBeam Patch 850nm Near-Infrared Pain Therapy KIT, also includes all accessories:

Limited stocks of White Patches. Now made using Black rubber to prevent yellowing with age.

This item includes:

WellBeam Patch Pain Therapy device

9 volt AC Adaptor; 9 volt Battery Clip; 9 volt Car Charger

3 x Hook & Loop straps; Holder & Goggles

Custom Controller (3 Nogier frequencies, On/Off, 3 Timers, Constant & pulse mode); Mini Controller

Drawstring carry bag & instructions


Custom Controller contains 3 Nogier frequencies (extremely fast medical pulse rates):

Hz = pulses per second


             (12 volts can be used, however the device warms considerably quicker without abundant air flow)

All WellBeam Patch devices appear the same until illuminated.
WellBeam Patch is manufactured on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia
12 months manufacturers warranty on: WellBeam Patch AC Adaptor Custom Controller Goggles (elastic not included) 6 month warranty on: Drawstring bag repairable for older models


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    Convenient solution

    Posted by Fran on 24th Feb 2022

    With the accessories kit, this is a health convenient solution.