Pain Therapy KIT (850nm Near-Infrared) with Accessories

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WellBeam Patch 850nm Near-Infrared Pain Therapy KIT, including all accessories:

This item includes:

WellBeam Patch Pain Therapy device

9 volt AC Adaptor; 9 volt Battery Clip; 9 volt Car Charger

3 x Hook & Loop straps; Holder & Goggles

Custom Controller; Mini Controller, Drawstring carry bag & instructions


Further reaching Near-Infrared light.

Near-Infrared (850nm) light is much further reaching than visible red light, soothing aches and pains, supporting the healing of worn and injured joints, tendons, ligaments and muscle. Tired and injured backs are soothed using invisible NIR light spectrum.

WellBeam Patch has been designed by a sufferer of Scoliosis. Back pain, nerve pain, and loss of flexibility have all improved by using just Near-Infrared Light Therapy. Embracing scientifically proven technology, WellBeam Patch can support pain relief without medications, while promoting the body’s natural ability to heal. There are no adverse side effects when using non-thermal, near-infrared light therapy. With current evidence showing NIR light spectrum to provide benefits to virtually every condition studied, this safe and highly effective single light spectrum is recommended to be used all over the body.

Humans and animals react in a similar manor.

Veterinary medicine uses Near-Infrared Light Therapy to treat sprains, bone fractures, and to speed the healing of wounds. Studies have shown Near-Infrared Light to accelerate the production of ATP in Mitochondria cells, reducing pain, repairing nerve damage, improving circulation, reducing inflammation and accelerating healing. As living cells are designed to repair, energy is often all that is missing. The WellBeam Patch Near-Infrared light therapy device provides that energy, in a safe, highly effective manner.

Studies have shown when placed against bone, stem cell production can increase, improving a wide range of health issues.  When placed against a large artery, white blood cells (Leukocytes) can increase, boosting the immune system. Near-Infrared Light Therapy is proving to increase the healing in most conditions.



 Patch Specifications:
·        Patch Dimensions:  21cm long x 1.5cm thick x 12cm wide + cords
·        Power: Aus/NZ 9volt AC Adaptor. 
·        Treatment: 140cm2 treatment area
·        Approx. energy measurement per minute: up to 3.4 Joules per cm2, 238 Joules per Patch
·        High Intensity:  57 milliwatts per cm2 @ 9 volt ..... 
             (12 volts can be used, however the device warms considerably quicker without abundant air flow)

All WellBeam Patch devices appear the same until illuminated.