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Each Light Spectrum has a different role to play...…
Chronic Pain - NEAR-INFRARED LIGHT 850nm(Pain Relief):  relieves pain, while supporting the healing of worn and injured joints,
tendons, ligaments and muscle.... Nerve pain, back pain, or joint pain. Invisible light

Skin -
RED LIGHT660nm Skin care (Beauty device):
reduce the visible signs of aging. Improve fine lines and wrinkles, skin
firmness and skin tone. Encourage healing of open wounds, skin infections, surface burns, muscle fatigue and bruising.  Visible light

Skin -
BLUE LIGHT 470nm Skin care (Clear Skin Beauty device):
used to treat many skin conditions caused by bacterial, fungal
or viral infections. Assist mood (fatigue) and skin health.

Combination Patches
are available using more than one light spectrum. These devices are not as concentrated, however offer
multiple treatment types within the one unit.

WellBeam Patch is available in the above Light Spectrums. Accessories add versatility, encouraging use.
Our range is available as the WellBeam Patch device (# WellBeam Patch, AC Adaptor, Custom Controller, Instructions and bag)  or
the WellBeam Patch KIT includes all the accessories in addition to the above #(Car Adaptor, Battery Clip, Mini Controller,
Hook & Loop straps, Holder & Goggles)

Also available:
LED Beauty Mask (7 Colour); Red Light Therapy beds
WellBeam Patch is made in Australia, other items are imported