LED Beds

Our LED Beds and Commercial Pods are made in China, using LEDs made in Germany.

Our Pod2 Plus meets all the same specifications as the well known expensive American brand with four differences:

1/     Our focus is on promoting the health benefits Photobiomodulation provides, and assisting access to the wider public, not to make enormous profits. Our LED Pod2 Plus bed is 1/5 of the price of the USA brand, while having the same features, light spectrums and LED quantity.

2/     The housing is not as space age in appearance, however serves no additional purpose.

3/     Our LEDs have up to 30,000 working hours, rather than 200,000 hours. The entire structure, including the extraction fans and computer boards need to last as long as the LEDs.   

4/      In Australia the 2 year warranty includes service fees and the cost of shipping parts.


 LED Bed (up to 28,512 LEDs, 10 Amps)                      LED Pod2 (up to 45,000 LEDs, 30 Amps)

wellbeam-bed.jpg  pod2-woth-logo.png