LED Beds

Our LED Beds and Commercial Pods are made in China, using LEDs made in Germany.

All models contain LEDs with up to 30,000 working hours.
All models are fitted with a Pulse dial, allowing any frequency from 0 - 5000 Hertz.
All models have a switch for colour (light spectrum selection.
All models contain: 850nm Near-Infrared; 660nm Red; 470nm Blue, or a combination of.
All models bluetooth to an iphone, connecting to speakers on the LED Bed
All models come with our suppliers warranty, in addition to the manufacturers warranty.*
** in addition to the standard manufacturers warranty (replacement parts), we offer an extended suppliers warranty, providing free freight on replacement parts, and up to $500 in  service charges.


 LED Bed (up to 28,512 LEDs, 10 Amps)                      LED Pod2 (up to 45,000 LEDs, 30 Amps)

wellbeam-bed.jpg  pod2-woth-logo.png