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O2 Performance Gym,

O2 Allied Health Rooms, Ground Floor

Sports Hub, 26 Main Drv, Bokarina  Qld  4575

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To establish how effective Photobiomodulation is on your particular condition, we recommend purchasing the 'First Time Offer'. 

Every treatment provides benefits to your health, however often chronic conditions can take several treatments before the benefits can be really felt. We wouldn't want pain sufferers to stay in pain and discount Photobiomodulation as an effective treatment, due to not having enough therapy to relieve the cause of your pain .

As inflammation, nerve damage and repair, needs to occur before anything can be felt, having several treatments per week, over a few weeks, will provide the body a consistent level of healing, and the greatest ability to dramatically improve.

If the body is able to heal, Photobiomodulation will assist it to do so, rapidly.