Purple LED Light Therapy Panel - DEMO MODEL

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Blue, Red & Near-Infrared LED Light Therapy panel - DEMO Model (only 5 months old)

Horizontal or vertical placement, to hover over a bed or massage table. Pivots 360o


HIGH INTENSITY 24 Joules per 10 minute treatment





50% Near-Infrared 850nm (invisible light); 30% Blue 470nm; 20% Red 660nm

All colours illuminate - No dial for colour selection

No UVA or UVB light. Purple glow is due to a mixture of blue and red lights.

Blue Light spectrum does require block out goggles for the client, and Blue block glasses for the practitioner, if conducting treatments at the same time as conducting Light Therapy.

5,016 @ .1w Therapeutic Light Emitting Diodes; Low EMF

Pulse rate dial (0-5000Hz)

3amps power required

Timer, up to 30 minutes

Stand included

Freight: The Demo panel is currently located at Meridan Plains, Sunshine Coast.

A quotation can be provided upon request for delivery to any address within Australia (price example: to Perth $850)

LEDs made in Germany. Last up to 30,000 hours (90,000 treatments @20 minutes)


18 month Suppliers warranty provided*, including shipping of parts and service fees*



2 year warranty. In addition to the manufacturers warranty, Low Light Therapy provide a 2 year service warranty.