Red Beauty KIT (660nm Red) with Accessories

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WellBeam Patch 850nm Near-Infrared Pain Therapy KIT, 
including all accessories:
This item includes:
WellBeam Patch Pain Therapy device
9 volt AC Adaptor; 9 volt Battery Clip; 9 volt Car Charger
3 x Hook & Loop straps; Holder & Goggles
Custom Controller; Mini Controller, Drawstring carry bag & instructions


Improve the signs of ageing, while soothing problematic skin.
Red Light Therapy (660nm) can be used to improve the visible signs of aging. Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin firmness and elasticity. 
Support healing of open wounds, while promoting a more even skin texture.
Support healing of skin infections and bruising,. open wounds and sun burn recover quickly with the support of Red Light Therapy.
Overcome fatigue and improve energy levels, strengthen overall health.
 Humans and animals react in a similar manor.

Veterinary medicine uses Red Light Therapy to treat skin conditions, and to speed the healing of wounds. Studies have shown Red Light to accelerate the production of ATP in Mitochondria cells (Organelles). These organelles reside within every living cell in plants, humans and animals.

The vast majority of skin issues benefit from the use of Red Light therapy. Visible red light can also accelerate the production of pain relieving endorphins, soothing itchy skin and relieving post-surgical pain. Often used in Laser form, many Veterinarian clinics offer this treatment.

In addition to reducing inflammation, and reducing nerve damage, Red Light Therapy can also improve circulation and the function of the lymphatic system and thyroid.
Minor skin infections are able to recover quickly with less scar tissue.
Placed against bone, stem cell production can increase, improving a wide range of health issues.
As 660nm Red Light has also shown to improve hair growth, skin conditions causing hair/fur loss would also benefit greatly from this amazing light spectrum.



 Patch Specifications:
·        Patch Dimensions:  21cm long x 1.5cm thick x 12cm wide + cords 
·        Power: Aus/NZ 9volt AC Adaptor. 
·        Treatment: 140cm2 treatment area
·        Approx. energy measurement per minute: up to 3.4 Joules per cm2, 238 Joules per Patch
·        High Intensity:  57 milliwatts per cm2 @ 9 volt ..... 
             (12 volts can be used, however the device warms considerably quicker without abundant air flow)

All WellBeam Patch devices appear the same until illuminated.