Red Beauty KIT (660nm Red) with Accessories

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Support healing of skin infections and bruising, open wounds and sun burn, recover quickly from muscle fatigue and sporting injuries.

Well known as a treatment for hair loss.




Accessories are included ....


Included: Rubber Patch with 135 x 660nm Red LEDs


  • ·         Custom LED Controller - 3 Nogier frequencies (below), 3 timers, On/Off, Constant mode, pulse mode
  • ·         9 volt AC Adaptor for connection to mains power
  • ·         Instructions
  • ·         Packaged in a drawstring carry bag
  • Hook & Loop straps (3 lengths)
  • Mini Controller & Battery Clip
  • Long arm holder & Goggles
  • Car Adaptor

Custom Controller contains 3 Nogier frequencies (extremely fast medical pulse rates):

Hz = pulses per second