Red Beauty Patch (Red 660nm) No Accessories

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Support healing of skin infections and bruising, open wounds and sun burn, recover quickly from muscle fatigue and sporting injuries, with the support of Red Light Therapy.

Well known as a treatment for hair loss.

All current WellBeam Patch Red Beauty stock is in 'White' rubber


Accessories not included ....

Included: Rubber Patch with 135 x 660nm Red LEDs

·         Custom LED Controller (3 Nogier frequencies, 3 timers)

·         9 volt AC Adaptor for connection to mains power

·         Instructions

·         Packaged in a drawstring carry bag


Custom Controller contains 3 Nogier frequencies (medical pulse rates):

Hz = pulses per second




12 months manufacturers warranty on: WellBeam Patch AC Adaptor Custom Controller Goggles (elastic not included) 6 month warranty on: Drawstring bag repairable for older models