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** Only 5 Memberships available at one time **
Chronic conditions often require extensive therapy.
It is our intention to do what ever we can to assist in your recovery.
For $375 per month, paid upfront, receive up to 30 treatments PER month, or 6 treatments per week.
That's a reduced rate of $12.50 per treatment
Recommended treatment time is 20 minutes.
Bookings need to be in advance, unused treatments can not be rolled into another month.
Treatments can only be used by the Member
** A 3 month commitment is required to receive this reduced rate.
Although Memberships are designed for existing clients, upon request, new clients may be selected.
28,520 Therapeutic Red 660nm & Near-Infrared 850nm LEDs surrounding the entire body.
Sensation: Customers generally just feel the warmth from the LEDs as the treatment progresses, with no other immediate sensation other than relaxation. Following the treatment, most customers report an increase in strength, mobility, pain relief, and in some cases, increased energy levels. However, occasionally a customer will advise of a dramatic increase in energy. For these customers a morning treatment is preferable, and in rare cases a shorter treatment time.