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Today Tonight produced a segment on effective pain relief including WellBeam products.


As seen on TodayTonight mid 2018 - can be viewed on their facebook page:   https://www.facebook.com/TodayTonight/videos/1805625646143550/ 



  • "I use these therapeutic lights every day, and own 4 of them, so I can treat multiple areas at once! I have fibromyalgia, so I use them to treat various aches and pains in my lower back, upper back, neck, etc. I also have seen quite amazing results with bruising, especially when I remember to use them as soon as possible after injury. I have had "miraculous" healing of bruised & sprained toes, just recently my shin after I walked into something in the dark, and others. Literally saw the bruising disappear dramatically overnight. Highly recommend this product, and the seller is honest, genuine and wonderful to deal with! I have recommended Well-Beam to close friends and family as well, and they have also found it very beneficial."   Wendy Tree

  • Hi there, I started using the wellbeam when I had a lot of wrist pain.
    I was due to start a diploma in massage course for 12 months but had to post pone twice due to pain in my wrist. I started using the wellbeam religiously every night on my wrist for approximately 3 months and all wrist pain went. It was believed to be carpal tunnel syndrome and honestly thought I would never be able to fulfill my dream in massage. Nearly 5 years on i completed my diploma in massage and now have my own massage business with no pain in my wrist at all.  Amanda Bogle
  • “Many people don’t want to take medications and are looking for better, more natural ways to personally take control of their pain and illness. I love that science is now giving us tools like The WellBeam that are highly effective, and drug free.” Kristy Rackham, RN
  • I purchased my Wellbeam NIR patch in March '19 and I would not like being without it now. I have considerable pain at times from fibromyalgia and arthritis and the patch really makes a difference. I have found I need less pain medication as well and that's a good thing. Over time I have noticed other benefits; such as better quality sleep and at times, a noticeable feeling of well being.
    The patch does need to be used regularly. I use it every night for an hour or more and if pain is bothering me I use it during the day as well.
    It is truly a great little device and I recommend it to anyone suffering chronic pain. "Maxine Parkinson"
  • I sustained a work injury and have suffered from chronic back pain for the last 22 years. I have tried many modalities including TENS machine,Physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory and other analgesic medications with no long term effects as when I stopped the pain re-appeared. I started using the Near Infra Red patch around 6 weeks ago and found a definite improvement from the first week, the second and 3rd weeks I experienced a change in my back pain and towards the end of the fourth week, I was completely pain free. I have tried to do activities that used to cause increase in my back pain such as bending down and standing for longer than 10 minutes and to my surprise I was still pain free. I used the pad 3 times a day for the first 2 weeks, reduced to twice daily for 3rd and fourth weeks and now use once a day in the evening. The effect is short of amazing, as I am a nurse and have not seen any modality working this fast on Chronic back pain. I have started researching photo bio-modulation and I am amazed at the amount of research and range of applications that are being done and not mentioned in mainstream medicine or media. Anna Nash - Bachelor of Applied Sciences - Nursing
  • testimonial I bought the wellbeam for my 90 year old father who suffers severe osteoporosis and arthritis. At the time he had 5 fractures in his back and was on Targin and Endone to help with the pain. The doctors were talking pallative care....3 months later his fractures have healed (xrays to prove it) he is off the endone and his doctor is slowly weaning him off the Targin. Absolutely incredible results for a man who the specialists refused to take on due to his age and severe problems. Thank you for bringing quality of life back to our lives. Maria Martino
  • I've lived an active lifestyle which included soccer, swimming, tai Kwon do, and had many physically demanding jobs along the way. These activities led to a range of injuries and ailments including an impingement in my hip, bursitis in my shoulder and osteoarthritis in my knee. I tried an extensive range of treatments over the years both conventional and alternative with mixed results. While there would be temporary relief with some treatments, no treatment had ongoing lasting impact. This led to my recent trialling of the near infrared patch. I have been using the Wellbeam patch for nearly 4 months now and it is one of the best treatment modalities I have ever come across. I have experienced a substantial reduction in pain and inflammation of my affected areas, increased mobility in my shoulder, hip and knee, and general enhanced muscle and joint flexibility throughout my entire body. I am truly amazed. My personal results led me to research further information regarding near infrared light therapy, and from my own experience I concur with benefits listed in the literature.
    Pieter Di Marco
  • if you have any pain whatsoever or any skin problems and you want general healing they are amazing they work on your mitochondria.. you might have heard of infrared lights which were brilliant these are Near infrared and LED combined .. they are scientifically proven ..specialists use them they are even known to help Alzheimer's and dementia patients you will never regret Getting these lights.. they made my life complete Kimberley Rauchelle
  • ‘I have been using the well-beam on my 2 teenage boys sports injuries (Rugby Union) for the last 5-6 weeks with great success. One had a stage 2 ligament rupture and in conjuctions with physio-stretching and strengthening and the well-beam, his injury is nearly back to normal. Every week some sort of soft tissue injury occurs, and we have used the light on these injuries at 10 min intervals and found that they are healing at a quicker rate. I would recommend the well-beam light to any household that has teenages doing contact sports’. A. James.
  • ‘I suffer from sciatic nerve pain, neck pain, severe headaches, migraines and joint pain. Given the opportunity for a drug free option for pain relief was a dream come true. I have used the well beam light on & off for 4-5 weeks, 10 minutes at a time. The heat was soothing and the freedom of movemnt was amazing. I havent had any pinching pain in my hips since using the well beam.
    I would totally recommend the well beam to anyone with any pain that would rather put something on a spot as alternative to taking any medication. I feel the well beam is amazing piece of equipment that anyone woudl be wise to have in their home.’ Carolyn James.
  • ’One year ago I broke my left wrist and due to over using my right arm I have stressed my right shoulder and surrounding muscles. I have been using the WELLBEAM for two weeks daily and have noticed the discomfort of my shoulder and its strength is greatly improved. I would recommend the well beam as a great tool in the control of discomfort and pain.‘ Teresa J King
  • I have been using the WellBeam for the past 6 weeks to treat and repair the pain in my shoulder and neck. I have found that it has taken all the pain away. I highly recommend the WellBeam Paiin Therapy device. Kylie Dorset
  • After cancelling my weekend plans due to coming down with a very bad cold or flu, I was given the opportunity to use the WellBeam to boost my immune system. I used the device 4 - 5 times throughout the day and evening, against my tummy button (as instructed), and was very surprised to wake the next morning feeling great.
    Sniffles gone, sore throat gone, feeling energised and ready for the weekend plans I shouldn't have cancelled. I would highly recommend the WellBeam to fight viruses and to boost your immune system. Kevin Powerlett
  • I suffer from long term chronic back pain, which requires extremely heavy medications to relieve pain. I use the WellBeam most days, and occasionally when the back pain prevents me sleeping, during the night. I do not need the heavier medications when using the light.
    It is very difficult sometimes for me to lie comfortably. I found that while it was in use I was able to be comfortable and after a short time of use, to get back to sleep.
    I definitely endorse the light therapy unit. Andrew Hazel


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