WellBeam Patch info

WellBeam Patch is now BLACK. New images are coming.

Our Products are so durable, we have noticed with age they yellow.

If you have a preference as to WellBeam Patch Black or White, please send us an email. At present Red Beauty and Triple Colour Patches will be in white. Other spectrums could be either. As stock of white runs out, all WellBeam Patches will be black rubber.






With Accessories, the WellBeam Patch can be completely mobile (Battery powered), in the car (Car adaptor), at home or in the office (mains power), strapped to any part of the body (hook & loop straps), or braced in a long arm holder to covert into a lamp. 

If hygiene is of concern when using the WellBeam Patch on animals then humans, place the device inside a sterile disposal clear plastic bag to use. The same applies to open wounds, although the Holder / lamp conversion also alleviates any cleaning issue.
The WellBeam Patch is a little softer and more flexible than a thong (footwear). 


 WellBeam Patch is not a registered as a Medical Device with the Therapeutic Goods Administration, and therefore should not be used as such.